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Jeep Safari Road Trips

Jeep Safari

We start driving through the route of the vineyards of Crete. The villages we will cross are
famous for the grape varieties and their wines and that is why there are many well-known
wineries on our way.

Our first stop is at Agios Thomas a village at an altitude of 760 meters, dating back to 1371 AD.
In the village there are Byzantine churches, ruins of the Byzantine aqueduct as well as Roman
era tombs.
Going down, we will cross the Messara valley and following a route through olive groves, we
will reach the Monastery of ODIGITRIA one of the most famous monasteries of Crete, dating
back to the 14thcentury. You will be amazed by the beauty of the monastery and you will have
the opportunity to visit the museum with objects of the daily life of Cretans.
Following a beautiful dirt road we arrive at the entrance of Agiofarago and start crossing it on
foot. Walking through the gorge (with zero difficulty degree) you will have the opportunity to
get close to sheep and goats which are beautiful and absolutely harmless. After 20 minutes
walking you will end up on a beach with fine pebble that will really enchant you. It is the
paradise of Southern Crete
After swimming in the crystal clear waters and driving through a beautiful dirt road we reach
Matala, the famous village of southern Crete where the Hippies lived in the 70s. You will have
free time to admire the beauties of the village and visit the caves of the Hippies.
We return to the hotel through a beautiful route. This journey will amaze and fill you with
pictures that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Through this route we explore the south-eastern Crete.

We head to Agios Nikolaos and stop in the traditional village of Kritsa, one of the most famous villages of Crete with its narrow picturesque alleys and its traditional shops.

Afterwards we ascend through a beautiful route with magnificent views and end up at the Katharos Plateau at an altitude of 1250 meters where we stop for coffee in a traditional cafe.

Later on we cross the forest of Selakano and end up in the Sarakina Gorge which will surprise you with its beauty. Continuing and after our amazing meal, we reach the southernmost end of eastern Crete, the village of Myrtos with its amazing beach where you can have a swim in the crystal clear waters of the Libian sea.

Returning through a very beautiful route we arrive at your hotel.

This route will leave you with the very best memories.

Through this route you will discover the wild side of South Crete and will arrive at one of the
best beaches of Crete with clear water

╬čur first stop is the village of Agios Myronas where we will have the opportunity to see up close
the holy water which gushes for centuries from of St. Myron.
Then we arrive at the village Prinias village also will visit the Rakokazano and will tour the way
produced raki will try traditional raki and local delicacies
In the follow-through of a beautiful route we arrive at the foothill of Asterousia and climb to an
altitude of 850 meters. Here begins to seem the wild side of South Crete and real landscapes
are gorgeous and dreamy.
Crossing the beautiful gorge we find ourselves in one of the best beaches of Crete with clear
waters. Here we enjoy an amazing meal and we get our swim. On our return through a
beautiful route we arrive at the village of Agios Thomas where we will see the Roman tombs
and Byzantine churches and then with what best pictures in our mind we will arrive in hotel.
This route will reflect deep into your mind the best memories from the Wild Unknown Crete!

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