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Cars & Bike Rentals

We can provide you a variety of cars, bikes, scooters, ATV’s, and the greatest set of advice
so you can enjoy the best attractions in Crete.
We can deliver your car at your desirable location, just ask it.

Car Rental

With a great range of car vessels we fit into all categories. Whether you are on couples, family vacation, or seeking for an adventure with a 4×4, or want to enjoy Crete in Luxury we can offer only best of what you need. We have been offering Low Rates, Full Insurance, All-Inclusive With no Hidden Costs …view more

Motorbikes  Rental

Would you like to experience Crete in a different way, do you like adventure, would you like to explore the island during the holidays or would you like to visit one of the many local villages soaked with tradition and folkloreRent one of our Mountain bikes, Motorcycles,  or Quad Bikes and Discover Crete totally your own way.…view more

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